When I was young my father piled the 5 of us into an Airstream and traveled across the country – from Montana to Boston. It was an unimaginably daring adventure for my 7-year-old mind. Sitting in the back seat of the car wasn’t a thrill but when we stopped and got to climb into our home on wheels, I was hooked. We left the Airstream with my grandparents while we lived in NY for a year. Then it was back into the Airstream for a trip the long way round back home to Montana. Sadly for me, our Airstream was sold but I always hoped I’d get another chance with a shiny pal. A couple years ago, while we watched the prices of Airstreams climb and the desirability increase, my partner and I thought we’d better move on the Airstream dream or give it up. After barely missing numerous eBay and Craig’s List listings, we got our chance. We wanted a late 60’s Caravel and there finally was one, waiting for us in Madison, WI.

Madison's beauty pix from Craig's List.
Madison’s beauty pix from Craig’s List.

We took our Airstream, now named Madison, on short trips for a couple of summers and then…we did what we always wanted to do. A total shell-off redesign and rebuild. A new BIG project. The story begins….

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