M. Carol Salvin
M. Carol Salvin
Our heavily produced, modern reality is fast filling with sharp edges and inflexible concrete as we race away from a more animate, harmonious sensibility. My goal is to bridge these two worlds and bring relaxed, organic forms to the objects that surround us.
I have always been drawn to techniques that allow me to form a material in a new or unexpected way. My work often incorporates an elegant arc or two along with hand-shaping, expressing the essence of more natural origins. I find it magical the way a stiff board bends when steamed or fluffy wool grows dense and strong when felted. I also realize that tools and techniques can heavily influence outcomes, which is why I frequently use steaming, laminating, vacuforming, or felting, along with an array of shaping tools.
Currently, my primary materials are two dissimilar fibers - wood and wool. The harder wooden fibers may bring structure to a piece, but often are presented in graceful curves. As a complement, the softer woolen fibers contribute luscious texture and color. I find the differences between these two materials offer surprising and synergetic possibilities. Together, my materials and I collaborate in this process of creation.
While I'm inspired by the materials, my work also evolves from being mindful of my own experiences and wonderings, frequently mimicking nature's creatures or illuminating an event or emotion. This "start-up provenance" gives my work a back story, connecting it to a wider context while reflecting organic origins. I enjoy working in series. By refining a concept's initial core elements, a series of pieces evolves, articulating the transformation. Whimsy and humor might step in; form can trump function. Intriguing contrasts appear in form, texture, and color.
In the end, if a piece of furniture I've created slows down life enough to evoke a considered thought, a pleasurable touch or a smile, I have succeeded.